SAT Preparation Program

All of our Upper School staff is committed and qualified to prepare students to be successful in the SAT process. Our highly professional and caring faculty are experienced in working with each individual student’s strengths and know the areas that need support. Our program is foundational, each year building the foundation for the next one. We prepare the students by easing fears about taking the SAT and giving them the tools and confidence they need as they approach one of the milestones on the road to college. For many students, PSAT/SAT prep courses have become an important part of the college admissions repertoire. The PSAT/SAT is a rather narrow test of knowledge which asks questions in a specific way. Because of this unfamiliar format, students’ test scores often do not reflect their true ability and potential.

The value of a PSAT/SAT course lies in coming to understand what kinds of questions are asked, why statistically proven guessing strategies work, and what techniques work best on each of the eight test areas to give a student the expertise that is necessary for mastering the subtle complexities inherent in this type of test.

In our program, your child will receive a thorough understanding of the PSAT/SAT format. The sessions will focus on:

• Building vocabulary
• Reading comprehension enhancement
• Sentence completion strategies
• Fundamental mathematics review
• Algebra
• Geometry
• Grammar and essay writing review for the new SAT 

The crucial areas of overcoming test anxiety and improving levels of concentration are also addressed by this course.

Our 30-hour SAT Preparation Program is run by professional educators and based on the American Contents Standards, known for its high academic standards. It is usually conducted throughout the Summer School curriculum with constant support from the intense and demanding curriculum during the year our highly professional faculty is committed to giving your child the kind of specialized attention that has long been synonymous with independent American education. High priority is placed on such values as small classes, recognition of individual needs and a commitment to excellence.