Admission Requirements

Parents who wish to enroll their child in the IAS must complete an application form that is available in the admissions office. The student must also complete an Admission Test. It is administered according to the grade level that matches the placement of the child. This Admissions Test cannot be given until all necessary previous school records and a birth certificate are provided; additional information may also be required. The school’s administration will evaluate the applicant’s previous school records and review the results of the admission test to determine whether admission is in the best interest of both the school and the child; a parent interview is required.

All students are admitted conditionally. Students required repeating a grade level will not be re-enrolled if they do not successfully complete the repeated grade. If acceptable academic gains are not attained within a one year period, the student will not be re-enrolled the following year at IAS.

1. English Language Proficiency: English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing is a consideration in determining admission to IAS.

2. Notification of Admission: When a student’s file is complete and payment of all necessary school fees has been made, the school will notify the parents regarding the admission decision of their child.

3. Admission Priority: Students are admitted on a space available basis. 

s The following documents are necessary for each student’s cumulative file: 

• Six recent passport size photos.

• School records of previous school stamped by official Egyptian Ministry Offices.

• Copies of standardized test scores.

• A clear copy of parents Egyptian I.D card

• A computerized Birth Certificate.

• For students transferring to IAS from another school in Egypt, a completed transfer certificate is necessary. This may be obtained from the student’s previous school.

• Medical form completed by our doctor

• Copies of the student immunization record from birth until present.