To apply for admission, you may either download the forms here and fill them out and send them to the school: 

The International American School

2K past Abees Gate

Alexandria, Egypt

or you may also call the school for an admission appointment and fill out the forms during the interview.

How do I receive information about the international American school?
 We hope you will find this website helpful in answering your questions about the International American School. However, further information may be obtained by calling the school to request a brochure or admission interview: 039554334 or 039554224.
How do I arrange a visit to the school for my child and me?
A visit to the school for both parents and child is a required part of the application process that is scheduled once we receive your child’s application. If you are interested in visiting IAS prior to submitting an application, call the Admission office to schedule a tour, or attend our Open House.(See School Calendar for the next open house opportunity.) 
What is the tuition for the IAS school? Are there any “hidden costs”?
 For the complete description of tuition and additional fees by grade, please call the office to receive fees information.
Does IAS offer scholarships or financial aid? 
 While The International American School does not offer academic, arts, or athletic scholarships, it does provide a discount to families on the basis of demonstrated financial need and multiple siblings enrolled.
What kind of test must my child take to be considered for admission?
 All students applying to IAS must pass a standardized admission test. These tests have proven to be an accurate predictor of success for prospective students; however, test scores are only one part of the application. Students and parents must come for an on campus interview in addition to the teacher recommendations, grades, and test scores. All students are evaluated individually for their appropriateness in our demanding program.

Does IAS have a policy that promotes diversity?
 The International American School admits qualified students of any race, creed, gender, color, and national or ethnic origin. Recognizing the changing face of our world, the mission of The IAS School is to create an environment that will reflect the larger society as we prepare our students to claim their place in the world. If you have questions about IAS’s Diversity Initiatives, please call the school to discuss your concerns with the administration

 What is a typical class size?
Classes at our campus are kept at twenty -two children per class. We usually split the classes larger than 16 to have maximum benefit from the teacher/student ratio.
What is your age cut-off for kindergarten?
 A child must be three years and six months years old by October 1st of the year of kindergarten entry.
If my child is placed on a waiting list, and no opening becomes available, do we have to reapply the following year?
 Yes, if your child has been placed on our waiting list for a particular academic year, he or she must reapply and be retested in order to be accepted into the program. 

Are specific candidates given priority within the admission process?
 The International American School strives to admit, for each class, the most qualified academic students while creating a diverse community that is balanced in the following areas (in no particular order):

 • Children of families new to IAS, faculty and staff, and siblings of current students
 • Gender 
 • Diversity in race, culture, religion, ethnicity and socioeconomic background