Mission And Philosophy


Every child deserves a chance to be educated to their fullest potential. 

Mission Statement

The mission Of IAS is to foster in students a lifelong commitment to intellectual exploration, individual growth, and social responsibility by inspiring and supporting them to strive for academic and personal excellence within an ethical framework that places the highest value on honor and respect for others.


IAS promotes excellence at all levels of schools life. Students participate in a demanding academic program, complemented by extensive co-curricular opportunities. The total IAS experience encourages students to reach their fullest intellectual, moral, aesthetic, creative, and physical potential. Implicit in this challenge is the schools belief that, as students mature, they should assume an increasing responsibility in shaping their own educational experiences. Accordingly, they develop the initiative, self-reliance, and independence essential for reaching their full potential and for making the most of their years at IAS and beyond. The IAS experience is based on mutual respect and personal integrity. All members of the School are expected to honor the rights of others, to conduct themselves appropriately at all times in a moral and decent manner, and, to see this responsibility as an integral part of their lives at IAS. IAS encourages close personal relationships among all its members, in order to nurture and guide its students. These relationships create an atmosphere of trust and support in which students see independence, initiative, and imagination as the means to pursue self-discovery, develop qualities of leadership, and affirm a sense of self-worth. Imbued with theses values, students give freely of their time and talents, mindful of how theses contributions of individuals enhance the quality of school life.