Our History

The International American School began as a vision of hope with Mr. and Mr. Ashraf Wahby wanting more for the children of Egypt than what was available at that time. Their own children were the driving force that helped them to develop a course of education that, over time, would grow from a nursery/play school into the higher learning community of the International American School of today. 

In 2005, construction was begun on a 4 fedan piece of land, 2 K past Abees Gate on the outskirts of Alexandria.

By the fall of the following year, a Kindergarten class was added, as well as grades one through six in the new location. Every year since 2006 new expansion has occurred with doubling the classes in grades one through three. Currently there are 320 students enrolled in the International American School, with that number growing daily. Next year grade four will double and Grade 10 will lead the way toward graduation. 

The International American School is still expanding with more facilities such as a state of the art swimming pool, indoor cafeteria, gymnasium and auditorium planned for construction by the end of 2010. Three new levels of classrooms, three science labs, and a beautiful, new library have been added this year. Every effort is made to ensure that students have everything they need to maximize their potentials, as well as enjoy the beauty and comfort of a modern facility. 

Our faculty members are highly professional, caring, and committed to each student individually, as well as to performing their professional discipline at the leading edge of their fields. All our faculty holds at least a Bachelors degree in their field of expertise, with some of them also holding a Masters degree.