Honor Code

IAS believes that students should understand and live by standards of honorable behavior, which are essentially a matter of attitude and spirit rather than a system of rules and regulations. Decent, self-respecting behavior must be based on personal integrity and genuine concern for others and on the ethical principles which are the basis of civilized society.
The members of the IAS learning community should conduct themselves in a trustworthy manner that will further the best interests of the school, their class, and any teams or clubs to which they belong. They should act as responsible members of the community, working for the common good rather than solely for personal advantage. They should honor the rights of others, conducting themselves at all times in a moral and decent manner while at IAS and throughout their lives as citizens of and contributors to the larger community of the world.
It is for this reason that all students and parents are asked to read and acknowledge their understanding of the following information:


Parents and students will indicate their understanding and commitment to honoring the high standards of academic and behavioral excellence upheld by the IAS through initialing next to each article of agreement : 

I understand and accept that attendance and participation in classes and school activities is required. I will ensure that my actions, attitude, and contributions are conducive to maintaining a positive learning environment for all. 

I understand and accept that all class work and homework must be completed and turned in by the due date, or I will not receive a full mark. 

I will be responsible for my own learning and will ensure that my work reflects both my integrity and the best of my abilities. 

I understand and accept that being involved in any way with any form of cheating, lying, copying another’s work, or using outside sources of information without giving proper credit to that source will result in the grade of zero; the administration will be notified, and disciplinary action will be taken. 

I will not participate in stealing, destruction of property, disorderly conduct, or any illegal activities while on school property, attending school activities, or while on field trips. 

I will take proper care of my belongings and respect the property of others. 

I will treat others, regardless of position and background, with respect, honor, and dignity; accepting my responsibilities at IAS, and following the school’s policies, rules, and regulations.