Computer Science Curriculum

The curriculum in the Middle School has a dual role: the presentation of information and the guiding of the students’ critical thinking skills from memorization to thoughtful, independent analysis of the material being presented. The curricular content continues to support the liberal arts background that IAS believes to be an integral part of each student’s educational foundation. In early adolescence, students begin to develop analytical thinking skills. Using the material in each course, Middle School teachers challenge their students to support opinions with facts and to question the world in which they live. The purpose is to continue the shaping of responsible young people who will contribute to their society

The computer science course focuses on developing research skills using technology as a tool. Students work on a number of in-class projects, culminating in a multimedia presentation. As they work on their presentation, students learn how to take full advantage of e-mail, network folders, and Internet and online database research, and they develop and enhance skills in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.